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Get a 4K video audit of your whole app from an experienced Product Manager and Behavioural Scientist 

All bases covered from Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Pricing, Value Props, UX, IA, Choice Architecture.. 

What our clients say:

"A lot of actionable advice. Thank you" - Pirsch Analytics

Risk free - a full refund if you're not satisfied with the audit

Happy Customers

" Immensely helpful onboarding feedback "


" So many actionable improvements to do from a 45min video "


" We didn't expect such in-depth feedback! 

A lot of actionable advice. 

Thank you so so much ❤️ "

Pirsch Analytics

WTF is a Product Audit?

A private video, just for you. Watch and listen to someone testing your product. 

It's feedback, just on another level

Get unique, expert insights from someone with 10yrs in Product Management, R&D, education..

(and he's also a published behavioural scientist).

Check out Paul's LinkedIn here

More info in the FAQ below.

Fix it and Move on

Only a product audit does all this

Better Landing pages

Writing copy is only one piece of the puzzle. A roast won't help you see a problem with your value proposition or pricing model

Increased Conversions

More conversions are great, but converting the right people is better long term. Connect the dots between your product marketing and activation

Price it Right

Getting your pricing model right is hard. Audits compare you with your nominated competition. Get a unique perspective on your pricing model.

Design Thinking & Behaviour Science

Find out where your UX could be improved. Get insights into behavioural science + design from a published researcher (and analytics specialist).


Getting your startup to the next level means looking at the path ahead. It also means having a plan to get there. Audits set you on that path.

Simple Pricing 

Not sure where the problem really is?Choose the Fuil Audit

Know the problem area but don't know the fix? 

Choose a Limited Audit

Need an audit and weekly coaching calls? Choose Partner

limited audit


per audit

Choose 1 product focus:

- Onboarding & Activations

- Pricing strategy + Value Prop.

- Retention

Private, unlisted video

Actionable recommendations

With each area of an audit and depending on your product's current level, insights usually cover aspects of: UX, UI, choice architecture, information architecture

full audit


per audit.

Limited availability each month!

Full Audit covers:

- Landing page (copy, value prop)

- Activation

- Onboarding

- Retention

- Pricing model & strategy

- Value proposition

Private, unlisted video

Lots of actionable recommendations

partner plus


per month

Everything in the full audit plus..

Weekly coaching calls

OKRs / Goal setting

Strategic reviews

Bespoke support for your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does the audits / who are you?

I do / me.. Paul! You can check out my LinkedIn profile here. If you want to reach me on Twitter , you can.

I've worked in Product Management and Product R&D for 10 yrs. Including IBM (in the Watson Group and Innovation lab), Panaseer (cyber security analytics), Switch Concepts (ad-tech & the fastest growing startup in the UK in 2014, which was acquired later). 

In 2021 I became the Head of Product at Panion for a period. Then moved on to focus on advising startups, mentoring, and some new creative endeavours.

Right now I divide my time between Web2 and Web3 and working on creative & real-time/3D projects. I am the host and producer of Minted Podcast - a podcast about NFTs, Web3 and its creators.  

I also have a PhD from the University of Southampton and a handful of published academic papers. Five of which I am the lead author on, including a theory and model combining HCI with Prospect Theory (Behavioural Economics).

Is this a landing page roast/is a roast better?

No and no. 

A landing page roast is usually done by an experienced marketing person. What they will tell you is important, but it's only a slice of the picture. 

What's on you landing page needs to connect to the reality of the product experience. A product audit from The Poe Things gives you that full 360 view - soup to nuts. 

How can someone comment on your value proposition or conversions if they haven't gone through your onboarding and used your whole product?

At best, a landing page "roast" will get you more conversions. But if these are the wrong customers or your product has usability issues or bugs.. then all those conversions are going to churn and talk bad about your product. 

Roast your food, not your landing page.

How long are the audits?

tl;dr - If you have a big product or lots of issues to cover, the video will be longer.

This is a value-based service. Every high quality screen recording will be a different length. Usually it's 45min-1hr. Some have been 2hrs (as one or more video). Imagine how many insights you get!

It's not uncommon to see marketer offering a landing page roast limited to 20mins! This tells you how much value you'll get from those. Plus, "roasts" can be $250 or more. Your problem probably isn't your landing page!

How long do i have to wait / turnaround times?

I aim to do them quickly. But I still need to plan ahead and manage the load.. so: 

You have a few standard (free) options to choose from when you checkout:

  • 4-7 working days
  • up to 14 working days 

There's also two paid options. These are paid because of the tight turnaround. It means I have to drop what I'm doing / change my schedule. That comes at a fair cost I feel. 

  • 24 hrs (max) +$99
  • 1-3 working days (max) +$49

Non-working days are considered as the general bank holidays in Europe.

If you're not desperate for answers asap, choose the longer timescale. 

Why would anyone pay to have an audit?
Some people need an audit faster, maybe because you've got a deadline with investors or you spent a lot of ad budget in one go and you need to fix a conversion or retention problem before the budget runs out.

Anyone can opt for a Faster turnaround of 2-3 working days (+$49) or Super Fast to get it in 24 hours (+$99).

Do you promise it will make my product better?

It's your responsibility to make your product better. It's my responsibility to share everything I know that might help your business get to the next level. 

Together, I believe we can get your business to the next level. What I think your next level is might not be what you think. Sometimes an audit can be a real reality-check. Othertimes its confirmation of what you may have suspected but not witnessed directly from users. 

My job is to give you options, insights, and recommendations based on 10yrs of Product Management and R&D experience. Plus a PhD, MSc and other skills I picked up along the way in design.

What if I the audit doesn't tell me anything I don't already know

You should be doing audits for other people!

There will always be a few things uncovered in the audit that you already know. You're not oblivious to problems of course! 

If you're not sure if you need an audit, we can discuss 1-2-1 coaching options instead. 

I need a coach more than an audit

Sure thing. We can talk about coaching you as a founder. I coach a few people regularly. Space is limited. 

Reach out and we can talk about your goals and i f coaching is a good fit for us.

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Ready to level-up your start-up?

Startups and early founders are growing faster with on-demand expert advice. High quality Screen recordings with actionable feedback, insights, and user testing.

All product stages are covered - acquistion, activation, retention, revenue, referrals.. 

plus a competitor analysis + feedback on information architecture, and choice architecture and more..

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