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I'll show you exactly how to activate and keep more customers with a recorded analysis of your landing page, onboarding, activation, and retention issues. 

HD screen recordings with high-quality audio + complete list of identified problems, recommended priorities, and actionable feedback to accelerate growth. 

It's the ultimate user test

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This you?

Ineffective onboarding
Low sign-ups or paid members
Low customer retention

These are three clear indicators that your product is the problem, not your marketing

But how do you find the problem? When you do, which problem should you fix first - the onboarding or the pricing model? 

No product succeeds on day one. But you don't want to spend time building new features if the product doesn't fit the market. How can you know - by asking people?

Paying customers can tell you, but most are not willing to talk. User research takes time. Money is the best data point, right? That's easy to say when you have paying customers. What happens when you don't have many, or any paying customers?

How to find + fix the problem

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    Aim to answer these 10 questions

    1. What is the conversion % from the landing page?
    2. What % complete the onboarding?
    3. What is the average "time to value" for new users?
    4. What % of people are not finding value?
    5. How many active trial users (DAU, MAU)?
    6. Which features are most/least used?
    7. What is your activation rate from trials to paying customers?
    8. What is your retention rate?
    9. What are your competitors doing?
    10. What are your customers telling you?

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    Get the answers from good data

    Make sure you're capturing data on your landing page
    Not just Google analytics, use Microsoft Clarity to see heatmaps and playbacks of people's behaviour. 

    Track mini-goals and smaller behaviours
    Is anyone clicking on "more information" or scrolling down the page? Track which features are being used and if onboarding is skipped.

    Make sure your product has analytics too
    Heap and Mixpanel both offer free plans but there are great alternatives out there too make by other entreprenuers.

    Make sure you have all the "pixels" from day one
    Google (Tag Manager), Twitter, LinkedIn, and Meta.

    Flame working with data
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    Asking experts & users > online forums

    Twitter, Indie Hackers and Reddit don't have the answer.
    Replies are inconsistent, they're not your real users, and they have no skin in the game. Most are not experts in anything more than their own limited experience. Maybe they just got lucky. 

    Ask an experienced Product Manager or Product Designer to actually test and experience your product for themselves.

    • What do they intuitively see as potential issues?
    • What would they prioritise fixing?
    • What would they change to fix onboarding?
    • How would they structure the pricing model?
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    Audit your Product Experience

    Priorise one area of the product to fix first
    You can't fix everything, so aim for high impact + low effort first. 

    Start with a UX audit
    Look at the usability guidelines from NNG and others. Read about UX audits but don't go too far down the rabbit hole of "best practice".

    Apply behavioural science
    Review information architecture + navigation. Audit your Choice Architectures and use an AI predictive Attention Analysis tool to test for perceptual and cognitive problems. 

    "Beginners mindset" & the ultimate "why"
    When you're too close to something, a fresh perspective matters. Take a step back and try to have the mindset of someone new to your product. Internalise your user's ultimate "why" - is the product helping them to achieve their desired outcome or goal? 

    Experimental training 1

Ask a Product expert and behavioural scientist

I've worked in Product Management and R&D for 10 years including IBM, Technicolor, Roke, Panaseer, and more

Join dozens of startups and get the help you need analysing and auditing your product

New clients get 1 of these targeted audits free:

  • Landing pages not converting
  • Ineffective onboarding 
  • Activation issues
  • Retention problems
  • Pricing model & value proposition
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What is a Product Experience Audit?

A unique record 🎤 of your product's first impression

The feedback video captures that valuable first reaction from an experienced Product Manager, former Head of Product, Design educator & Behavioural Scientist. What more do you want?

Marginalia interview

A deep dive 🐟 beyond any landing page feedback

Marketing feedback is useful, but it doesn't go deeper than the landing page. 

Our feedback videos goes much deeper - through your onboarding, we test your actual product and compare it to any competitors you provide us.

That way we really understand if what you're saying on your landing page makes any sense!

Flame working with data

Onboarding flows, UX, usability, IA, and behavioural design insights

See someone go through your entire onboarding flow, hearing everything they think - and most importantly - how they feel.

Whenever possible your feedback videos will highlight the best design learning resources on the web and also refer to findings from academic literature and introduce (or remind you!) about best practices in UX for products.

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Value-based pricing

You pay for the value you get, not the length of a video or the number of recommendations. It takes as long as it takes. 

  • Targeted Audit

    New clients get one free audit. Price includes 1 audits target - conversions, onboarding, activations, retention, or pricing model & value proposition
    • ✓
      One product area
    • ✓
      Private Loom video
    • ✓
      List of insights
    • ✓
  • Full Product Experience Audit

    Covers landing page "roast", onboarding, UX, pricing model, value proposition, activation, retention, and more
    SAVE $50
    • ✓
      5 product areas ++
    • ✓
      Private 30-90 min Loom video
    • ✓
      Full list of insights
    • ✓
      Full product coverage
    • ✓
      IA & navigation
    • ✓
      Choice architectures
  • Limited Partner

    Complete product experience audit + 1hr weekly zoom calls
    SAVE $146. Min 2 months
    • ✓
      Weekly calls ($600 value)
    • ✓
      Full PX audit ($195 value)
    • ✓
    • ✓
      Goal setting / OKRs
    • ✓
      Private Loom video (audit)

Why you need an outside perspective on Product Experience

  • Why is it free?

    Only targeted audits are free for new clients ($49 value). A targeted audit focuses on one areas of your product and provides you with a 15-30 min screen recording with high-quality audio + a list of expert recommendations. 

    There are five targeted audits, each costing $49.

    There's also the option of a full Product Experience audit for $199, which covers all five targeted audit areas ($245 total cost).

  • Can this help me with Product-led growth?

    YES! The Product Experience audit is 100% focused entirely on product-led growth. 

    It's not about hacks and tricks though, the audit will uncover UX and behavioural design issues aswell as introduce you to the best practices of Customer Experience, Product Management and Design Thinking. 

  • What's the cost and turnaround time?

    $100. Some products take longer to audit than others but every audit is the same price. 

    Once we have your product's URL and a list of 3 competitor products, it usually takes 2-3 working days (max). 

    That's a better and faster return on investment for the amount of actionable insights you get compared to asking Twitter or IH. 

  • "I can get a 'roast' for free"

    Great, do it. It might take a while and at best you'll get a few paragraphs of feedback. 

    Do you know the credentials and background of the person who gave it to you? How actionable is the feedback? Can you go back and ask for clarification or for more context? 

    You need to ask yourself how honest people are really being and how deep they are willing to go.

  • What do I get from the audit?

    A list of actionable insights + a video recording (via a private Loom link) of the entire audit. 

    It will be the most useful user test you ever did that will give you lots of options for improving your product.  

    Videos are usually either 30, 60, or 90 minutes. The cost is the same, it just depends on the complexity of your product.  

  • Is Product Experience like UX or CX?

    According to Forrestor , Customer Experience (CX) is how customers perceive their interactions with your company.

    The Neilson Norman Group define CX and User Experience (UX) the same way - all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products. 

    Product Experience (PX) therefore relates to just the CX and UX of that product.

Still have questions? The first audit is free for all new clients

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